TTS Tribune Volume #2


Welcome back everyone to another fantastic year for TTS! I thought as a welcome back blog, this would address some of the hopes that this community has for the upcoming year, as well as outlining and simplifying some of the changes that you will see implemented over the next couple of months!


For those of you who frequent the forums, you will probably have seen Merforga’s post, outlining these changes and what the guild can expect to see in 2016. One of the most pivotal changes in this post is the change to our vision. It is pivotal that all communities and organisations have a vision, something that they work towards, together, and TTS believes that our original vision of “Bringing difficult endgame content to the masses”, is not as relevant as it was during the guilds conception.


So our new and improved vision is something a lot more open and fun, and something that everyone can work towards, regardless of the time they invest in the game, or their skill level. Our improved vision is as follows:

“To be the GREATEST, BIGGEST and the BEST community in Guild Wars 2”

A vision like this is something that we should all strive to make a reality, as it isn’t just about any one guild, but a composition of guilds who have formed out of a community, that aims to include all.


In association with these changes, the structure of the community will be undergoing an overhaul, making it even easier to find something that YOU want to do in the community. If you like commanding HoT content, then apply to become a HoT Commander. If social media management is more up your alley, then I’m sure we can find an outlet for you to manage as part of our admin team! The most important thing to remember is that our community is made great by it’s members, and that we’re all here because we love the atmosphere and the events, all of which need to be run on a day to day basis. So with this new system, it’s even easier to find something you enjoy, and really own it!


To finish up this volume of the Tribune, I would like to make it known that the new calendar and event schedule was released yesterday and is currently being trial run. If you have any advice, or feedback to give on this schedule, please, create a forum thread and discuss it, we love to hear your suggestions and to make sure our events are as engaging as possible!