TTS Prepping for Heart of Thorns

There is only one week remaining until the release of Guild War 2: Heart of Thorns, which promises many features that TTS members have been waiting anxiously for, including Guild Halls, raids, and three new mega-bosses! However, the promise of these new and exciting features has not stopped TTS members from doing what we do best, which is killing dragons and squashing wurms. In these final few days before the new content is released we are still going strong and stocking up on all the Tequatl Spoons and Connie’s Lost Wedding Rings that we can get our hands on. Here are some screenshots from TTS raids this week.

Enjoy your final week of killing Tequatl and Triple Trouble, because as soon as Heart of Thorns launches TTS will be taking two weeks off from our regular schedule as we explore all of the new content in HoT. We may also partake in some candy corn eating competitions and spooky mazes. Every day will be a new adventure so come join us! After we get a handle on the features of HoT we will be adjusting our schedule to include both old and new content.


Speaking of new content, one of the few things we don’t know about HoT is what the new mega-bosses will be. Personally, I think they are going to give us another dragon because they have to, a giant spider because big bugs are probably the most terrifying thing I can think of, and a swarm of enraged ghostly ambient creatures come back from the dead to take revenge on us for killing them with a single autoattack. I’m pretty confident in my random guesses, but head on over to the forums and let me know what you guys think. If anyone actually gets a boss correct I’ll give you a prize. It may not or may not be a “good” prize. Don’t get your hopes too high.


If you are looking forward to HoT as much as we are, you should join us at 4AM UTC on the 23rd. We’ll be holding a pre-launch party with events and contests to whittle away the final few hours before the expansion releases. 

Quaggan Party