Triple Trouble Reflect

TTS Triple Trouble Reflect Guide



A major piece of organization in the Triple Trouble event is the Reflect Team, which utilizes reflect and projectile destruction skills to bounce back eggs that the Wurm spits out on a regular basis to prevent Veteran Wurm Larvae from swarming the area.

The goal of this guide is to help you learn how to contribute towards the Reflect Team's efforts and to aid in understanding of the Great Jungle Wurm’s attacks, animations, and timings.




Setup and Training


For an average TTS run, the full Reflect Team will consist of 9-15 players, who will go to the pirate turret north of Laughing Gull Waypoint in Bloodtide Coast to do a brief training session where tactics and builds will be discussed.

It is important for the Reflect Trainer, who will be designated during setup, to ensure that the teams are organized and ready. Each of the 3 wurms will have a Reflect Caller, who has experience with the wurm's animations and can speak for their groups. Oftentimes, the Reflect Trainer will be a group's leader.

The rest of the players will then split up among the callers, so that each group contains 3-5 players including the Reflect Caller.

  • New reflectors should be distributed among the groups, and if there is an imbalance in experience, it may be helpful to trade players.
  • Newer callers should be grouped with more experienced reflectors (preferably including an experienced caller) and vice versa.

Each Reflect Caller will split their group into two teams of 1-2 people each, so that there is always a team ready to reflect if one drops their skills on husks.

When setting up the teams:

  • Newer reflectors should be on a team with a more experienced reflector.
  • Classes with a cast time on their reflects (Elementalists, Thieves, Engineers) are best paired with those with instant reflects.
  • Line reflects (eg. Guardians, Thieves) work well when paired with area reflects (eg. Mesmers, Revenants).

To demonstrate the positioning of reflects, the Reflect Trainer will use the destroyed pirate turret to represent the wurm. The front of the wurm is simulated by the opening in the ring, and the fence behind the turret acts as the back wall that line reflects are aligned with.


The Reflect Trainer will go over the spit animation, with the directions the eggs will be spit out at. They will also show the spot to stand, for classes that need to be inside the wurm, and where to place reflecting walls/domes:  



Yellow = Where reflectors can stand. Players using smaller reflects will need to be closer to the center of the wurm.
Red = Path the eggs take. The three waves will always be from left to right when facing the wurm or the cliff behind.
Blue = Where line reflects (straight line) and area/dome reflects (circle) must be placed.

Reflect Callers can then do a "dry run" (a practice run, usually going over two spits) with the turret, especially if there are new players. This gives the team a chance to hear the calls that will be used at the actual wurm, and try out their reflects on the fake wurm. Once each team is ready, they can head out to their Wurms to do final set-ups.

In the event that there are not enough Reflect Callers, communicate this to the Event Leader – a team of solo reflectors can reflect without a caller, or the Crimson Lead may be able to call and lead at the same time. Should the Condi Team be short on players, it may also be beneficial to identify and split up any husk blockers (check with Elementalists and Mesmers) on the Reflect Team. This does not necessarily mean that husks should be blocked – check with your commander and condi team first.

Downed party members (including the caller) can be called out for the zerg to revive. If any reflector dies, they should run back quickly and notify their party.


 To recap:

  • 3 experienced reflectors are designated to be Reflect Callers, and 1 person to be the Reflect Trainer. The trainer will often be one of the callers.
  • Reflectors are distributed amongst the callers to make 3 groups of 3-5 players each.
  • Reflect Trainer explains the role of the team to any new reflectors, touching on skills, gear, animations, and specific tactics.
  • Reflect Trainer shows where to stand and where to place skills at the pirate turret.
  • Callers divide their groups into 2 teams, balancing based on experience and types of reflects, and if possible, assign themselves to any teams that need it.
  • Reflect Callers introduce themselves to the Wurm Team they are at, briefly explaining the team's role and the calls they will make.
  • Reflect eggs, kill wurm, get loot.



The Larva


Eggs that are not reflected always travel the same path when spat out by the Wurm and land in the same area (doing minor damage), but what happens next can be chaotic. When an egg lands, it will become attackable and should be destroyed by the zerg if possible. An egg that is not destroyed in time will hatch into a Veteran Wurm Larva that can attack players in the area either by flopping around, dealing damage and knockbacks, or by spitting out projectiles (marked by 3 red targeting circles).

As you can imagine, these wurms can cause quite a hassle and though a couple won't doom a run, repeated eggs hatching can lead to a situation where the zerg cannot complete the objectives needed to trigger the burn.

Above: What happens without a reflect team.


Wurm Specifics

Although the main animations are the same at every wurm, each of the three has some small differences that the Reflect Team should be aware of. The images of the minimap at each spawn location show the position of the wurm (yellow), the approximate paths of the eggs (red), and the wall behind the wurm to align reflects with (blue).




Located between Bogside Camp Waypoint and Whisperwill Waypoint, Amber Wurm spawns in the ravine beneath the Vista, with a wall to the east.

  • Amber's second animation will always be eating the Plague Carrier Abomination. The first team should be prepared at this time.
  • After eating the zerg, the wurm usually does one animation (the time taken to destroy the Pyloric Valve) before a unique animation to spit the zerg out.
  • If the commander is holding off harpoon shots to increase burn phase time, expect at least two animations before the wurm goes down for the burn.
  • Amber will occasionally spit eggs or husks after a burn. Reflectors should get in position to reflect as the wurm stands up.





Located near Jelako Waypoint, Cobalt Wurm spawns on the beach beneath the vista, with the cliff to the southwest.

  • This is the most straightforward wurm in terms of animations, making it a good place to start as a new caller.
  • Once 20 kegs have been placed, the wurm's next animation will be eating the kegs to blow them up and start the burn.
  • After each burn, Cobalt will do a large spin before spitting.





Located near Firthside Vigil Waypoint, Crimson Wurm spawns in the valley south, with a cliff behind it to the west.

  • After being notified that the colours are full, the Wurm can do up to three additional animations before actually going into burn phase.
    These could be either spins or spits, so it is important that the reflectors are ready until the wurm falls to the ground.
  • After every burn, Crimson will do a large spin before spitting.




Gear and Skills

Below is a list of helpful items, skills, and settings:

Usually, reflect team can use the same food that is dropped for the zerg.
Orrian Steak Frittes offer a little more survivability.

For any weapons used to reflect, stats are less important and you can buy a cheap one if needed. Soldier's gear is an option for those concerned about dying.

Useful Skills:
Stability, stunbreaks, blocks, and invulnerability may be useful for newer reflectors.

Under Options (F11) > Camera, set Field of View to the far right for visibility.

  Reflects by Class

Classes are listed in a loose order of easier to harder difficulty. Common solo reflectors and blockers are at the top, and more challenging reflects are toward the bottom.
Note: This is not a comprehensive list of all skills that can reflect. With the exception of Warrior and Engineer (the high difficulty classes), the primary reflect is listed first, followed by possible backup skills for a second spit. Some reflects require an elite sspecialization, so an alternative for characters without them is also provided.

Revenant: Medium AoE with long duration, does not need to stand in wurm

  • Protective Solace (Utility skill) – requires Legendary Centaur Stance, with Ventari Tablet out. Diminish Solace after eggs have been blocked.
    This skill easily covers two spits, especially if the reflector stays in combat to maintain energy.

Mesmer: Large AoE and line reflect

  • Feedback (Utility skill) – can be used with Mimic (Utility skill) to cover two spits, though there are other options, especially with Chronomancer. Easily placed from outside the wurm.

    • Optional trait: Inspiration > 3rd line > Temporal Enchanter – makes Feedback last longer.
  • Temporal Curtain (Focus 4) – place parallel to wall.

    • Required trait: Inspiration > 2nd line > Warden's Feedback.
  • Can block husks and spits from small spins using the Distortion effect.

Elementalist: Large AoE and small range chained skills, or small range skill with Tempest

  • Swirling Winds (Focus – Air 4) – note half second cast time.

    • Trait: Air > 2nd line > Aeromancers Training for reduced recharge on air weapon skills.
  • "Aftershock!" (Utility skill) – requires Tempest, has a cast time and very small range.
  • Magnetic Wave (Focus – Earth 4) -> Ring of Earth (Mainhand Dagger – Earth 2) – use Magnetic Wave for two spits and Ring of Earth for the third. Requires good timing and positioning.
  • Can block husks and spits from small spins using various invulnerability skills.

Guardian: Line reflect and large AoE

  • Wall of Reflection (Utility skill) – place parallel to wall.

    • Trait: Virtues > 1st line > Master of Consecrations for reduced wall cooldown.
  • Shield of Absorption (Shield 5) – can be used with Wall of Reflection to cover a bad angle, or on its own if experienced.

Ranger: Medium AoE, line if using Druid

  • Sublime Conversion (Staff 5) – requires Druid, place parallel to wall.
  • Whirling Defense (Offhand Axe 5) – be sure not to move while casting.

Thief: Line reflect and small AoE

  • Smokescreen (Utility skill) – place parallel to the wall.

    • Trait: Shadow Arts > 1st line > Concealed Defeat – reduces cooldown.
  • Dagger Storm (Elite skill) – note the small range and high cooldown.

    • Trait: Trickery > 2nd line > Trickster – reduces cooldown.

Necromancer: Large AoE but only one skill

  • Corrosive Poison Cloud (Utility skill) – long duration, may cover part of two animations.

    • Trait: Curses > 2nd line > Master of Corruption for reduced recharge – this is the only reflect skill.

Warrior: High difficulty, very small range chained skills

  • Shield Stance (Shield 5) -> Counterblow (Mace 2) – use shield to cover two spits and mace for the third.
  • Riposte (Offhand Sword 5) can be used in place of Shield Stance. If husks come out first, save Counterblow for the next spit animation.

    • Required trait: Defense > 1st line > Shield Master – reflect whenever you are blocking.
    • Optional trait line: Discipline for Fast Hands (faster weapon swapping).

Engineer: High difficulty (requires low latency and knowledge of animations), medium AoE. Easier alternative with Scrapper.

  • Turret reflect: Two turrets are required to cover a full spit, place the first turret in position a second before the animation starts and the second if the spit is eggs.
    Note the half second cast time and 1 second shield deployment time. Pick up turrets after the spit for the reduced cooldown.

    • Required trait: Inventions > 3rd line> Advanced Turrets for reflective bubble on turrets.
  • Defense Field (Tool belt skill) – requires Scrapper, with Bulwark Gyro slotted.


Reflect Calling

The Reflect Caller's role is to call animations during phase 1 and manage the two teams within their group who will move into position and reflect when called on. Usually, the teams take turns going in and reflecting, switching out if there are husks. The caller introduces the Reflect Team to the rest of the group at the wurm, and will make calls alongside (or over) the commander.

Revenants and Mesmers are the easiest classes to use for reflect calling, as they can watch the wurm from a distance while still being able to reflect.

The three animations to be called are as follows:

Large Spin: Wurm turns clockwise and remains fairly upright. Large, dodgeable AoE attack around the Wurm that can knockback. At Crimson this can also knock gliders out of the air.

Small Spin: Wurm turns counter-clockwise and curls down toward the ground. Small, dodgeable AoE attack around the Wurm that can knockback. Fires multiple Spit (Drool) projectiles across the area that cannot be reflected (but can be blocked with invulnerability), marked by small orange circles.

Spitting: Wurm rears back and spits either Eggs (every ~40-45 seconds) or Husks (every ~90 seconds). The caller will state which occurred after calling to reflect (unless they are absolutely certain of husks), as there is no way to distinguish the spits by initial appearance. Usually, if eggs are blocked, nothing will appear to come out, but if it is husks, they will be seen flying. After a husk spit, the next spit will always be eggs.
KrynKz.gif  NkBqQK.gif

Due to the cooldown on eggs, reflect teams do not always need to stay in position, as this increases the chances of taking hits or blowing reflects early. The caller will want to have the next available team ready before the egg cooldown has expired. To help keep track of the time, a skill with a similar cooldown can be used, or the caller can keep count of the animations since the last eggs.

  • The egg cooldown is enough time for 3 spins (14 seconds each).
  • A burn phase (~30 seconds) can be counted as 2 spins.
  • At Amber, swallowing and spitting out the zerg together count as 1 spin.

The caller will notify the commander if any eggs get out so they can be dealt with. If the Reflect Team is being threatened by veteran wurms, inform the commander so they can assign people to clear them out.

One of the best ways to learn reflect calling is to go to a wurm (or look at a video) and watch the animations. The Jungle Wurm in Caledon Forest is a good place to get used to the two spins and Amber's zerg spitting animation. If you are new to calling, don't hesitate to ask the rest of the Reflect Team for help and support!

Useful Apps:
Visual study app by Lanboost  


Husk Blocking

Coming soon.