Tequatl Taco Squad Guild Missions

Hey guys! That’s right fellow Taco team we have guild training bounties unlocked and will have regular bounties done early next week. So round one of guild bounties will start Wed, May 7th, 10pm PST. Meet at Shaemoor wpt in Queensdale.

Also if you have days or times that you would prefer to run please post here and let me know and I will see what I can do to make it work.

Note: for those looking to donate scrolls of influence, buy drinks etc for Taco missions please make sure your home server is SoR or it can’t be used to help unlock the rest of the missions. Other guilds are working on missions as well but they have not been scheduled, please talk to Zarzag or Metavox if you are wanting to buy influence and not in Taco or on SoR we will have a list of the official guilds for each server out soon.


Sorry for the confusion, please rep whatever TTS guild you have for these and just make sure to be on the same Megaserver Shard when the bounty kicks off. Guesting DOES help to get in the same shard. The way influence works is confusing and strange but the more spread out the people repping the more influence all around.
Also traing bountys unfortunatly do not give guild comendations but are needed to get to the ones that do. -Zarzag

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  1. I might be able to help make the influence a little less confusing and strange. I’ve studied it a long time when my guild was getting the guild missions unlocked (which, btw, we have all unlocked, including starting the bosses, so we can help do that!)

    Basically, a guild gets influence in lots of ways. Repping THE SAME GUILD is required for normal influence gain. Biggest normal way is dungeons and tournament PvP:
    3 (or more) members completing a dungeon = 100 influence per dungeon (NOT person)
    Solo dungeoning = 10 influence per dungeon
    Tournament win (PvP) = 5 if solo, 50 influence if 2 or more guildies

    2 pnts per event solo
    20 pnts per event duo or more (party doesn’t count, it does NOT multiply if there are 50 of us.. It’s just 20 per event max) (btw, wvw is fabulous for events… heh)

    Every DAY:
    First 20 characters (on different maps if same account) = 200 total influence
    Next 30 (total of 50 *characters* – not players) [on different maps if same account] = 150 total influence
    Everyone else that reps once a day = 1 point of influence each
    (^Sparkfly Fen + Sparkfly Fen + Sparkfly Fen does not equal different maps.. and so does not count for different character influence[per account]. You have to be on a different map, even for a split second, for it to count. Sparkfly + Southsun + Bloodtide counts as 3 diff maps, so if a single player has 3 different chars on 3 different maps, it will count as influence for 3)

    ^awarded instantly, btw

    UNFORTUNATELY the influence is ONLY represented on the server the guild was created on (or in the case of a person seeing the influence for their guild, then it’s the influence the guild happens to have in that particular server). IN THE FUTURE (but not now) it will, hopefully, be combined (add add add, whoo! plz, Anet, add the influence!). But for NOW, it is server bound.

    Guild missions are ALSO server bound. You will NOT get individual commendations/rewards if you are not guesting on the server the mission started from (or not repping the guild that has/started the mission). That’s subject to change in future patches.

    Guild Missions are once a week, but supposedly guild bounty TRAINING can be done as much as we like. (Echo never tried that, ’cause we had everything unlocked by the time training came into play, so don’t quote me on this part)

    erm… did I helps? 😀

  2. Thanks for the heads up Lyana.
    @Terra -> My home is SoR so I can only access the SoR upgrades etc. Taco however is both SoR and CD 🙂

  3. Thanks Soren. I wanted to make sure because I was invited into Taco and I am from CD.

    I am not sure if the megaserver has changed any of this, so it’s purely a FYI; but when I used guest to my friend’s server for Guild Missions, bounties were the only thing I could really do with them because the active mission panel only updates for members native to that server’s guild. That made treks impossible for me to help with.

    However, bounties and rushes were still doable. I just needed to be told what the mission was actually of.

  4. Anytime. 😀 I’m hoping within the next few patches that the influence will be combined together from all servers. It will help guilds like TTS immensely. It will also help those on smaller servers actually join guilds on other servers, and feel like they’re contributing.

    Lotsa hope! I’ll help with TTS missions as much as I can, but I’m not online all the time ’cause of work. However, every day, I’ll rep at least once to help Tri Trouble Squad with that influence boost.


  6. It is written in server time, server is PST so 10pm PST is 10pm server. It’s all in the calender so please check often

  7. so if we guest to the server the guild missions are done on we get credit even if it was a different tts guild that started the guild mission ?

  8. No, for the full guild missions you need to be in the guild that pops them and guested to the server to get credit.

    However for bounty training you get no commendations so it does not matter.

  9. Yes it is. Taco is SoR and CD. The main however is SoR and so missions will be done on SoR. However if you participate when we get full missions rolling you will get credit if you guest to SoR.

  10. No you can not swap guilds. If you are in JQ you need to stay in the JQ guild otherwise the influence will not build up.

    Also we will schedule missions for each guild but we have not figured out when. Hopefully they will all be able to be done around the same time.

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