Octovine and Dragon’s Stand Down!

With HoT content came three new meta events. Octovine in Auric Basin, King of the Jungle in Tangled Depths, and Mouth of Mordremorth in Dragon’s Stand. As TTS is all about these meta events, we jumped in on these fights after a little down time to explore everything else about HoT.

We managed to be one of the first guilds world wide to down Octovine and Dragon’s Stand. Octovine was downed on the 25th October, confirmed as the second guild to successfully complete Octovine!


The next day we got Dragon’s Stand down on the second go, becoming one of the first guilds to successfully finish Dragon’s Stand.


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Congrats on the community, commanders and leaders for these amazing successes so far. Now on to King of the Jungle!

If you’re interested in joining in and doing these awesome events, you can apply here!