TTS Commander Application

We are always looking for new commanders to join our existing team of dedicated individuals!

As a leader, you will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring our raids run on time every time
  • Fostering and supporting the growth of our massive community
  • Engaging with our members and making sure their needs are catered to
  • Helping with various administrative tasks


  • Must have been a member of TTS for the past thirty (30) days
  • Must have the ability to be in two (2) TTS guilds
  • Must be able to communicate via Teamspeak in a calm and effective manner.
  • Must have a commander tag on the account you intend to lead your raids upon.

Minimum requirements as a Commander:

  • 2 days a week raid attendance
  • Checking forums daily
  • Maturity and professionalism in all manners that you are asked to handle, or have taken upon yourself.
  • Dedication and commitment that extends into everything you do with TTS.
  • Respect for leaders and TTS Community as a whole.
  • Positive can-do attitude.

Process of becoming a Commander

  • Acceptance of application
  • Fixed 4 week probationary period from date of acceptance
  • Peer review of performance and fit in the TTS Community
  • Promotion to fully fledged Commander

In return, you will receive a great sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that can rarely be gained anywhere else. The joy of getting that person their first Teq/Wurm kill, seeing that mini teq drop for someone who has newly joined the community even though you’ve been running it hundreds of times and never gotten one, but most importantly, being part of something big and great!

If this sounds appealing to you then follow the link below to begin your application. Once we have received your application we will start watching for you. Successful applicants will be stepping up and showing they want to be a TTS Commander by helping out and being a positive presence at our raids. If council decides to move forward with your application you will be notified via e-mail for the next step in the process.

Applications are open for all time zones and all disciplines

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Merforga or any of our Commander Officers in game , or via our contact us form or in our Teamspeak for more information.

 Apply now