About Us

The idea got started of helping others fight a boss that could not be fought alone, or even at a massive rate if unorganized in Guild Wars 2. The idea evolved into helping anyone that needed help in any PVE aspect of Guild Wars 2(as much as possible).

The idea is now evolving even more into creating a community that not only still helps people with any and all aspects of PVE related content in Guild Wars 2, but to someday help people in other MMO’s as well. Overtime sections may be opened for other games where the same things will be done and organized the same way according to each game we involve in.

The community will never “move” from one game to another, we will only add on to our existing community base. What that means is we will never stop or move on from a section of [TTS]. We won’t expand into another game, unless we build an entire team that can dedicate to their time to building a [TTS] community there.