A New Direction

Yes this was an April fools joke…

Hello TTS!

We recently held a community meeting that was open to all members of TTS and the meeting overall went very well and we received a lot of feedback. After a long leaders meeting soon afterwords, the leadership agreed with many points and we have come to a decision about some major structural changes to the TTS community.

Tequatl and Triple Trouble Wurm, while are very fun and challenging experiences, are also at times very repetitive and boring (not to mention a very minimal amount of loot). We see the need to focus on other forms of content as well. Silverwastes is a good example of this. Seeing a link between Silverwastes and a major part of Guild Wars 2, World vs. World, we will be doing the following.

Starting after Tuesday UTC Raids, TTS will be switching its focus from being a PvE Hardcore Boss Raid community, to a WvW Achievement Hunting Community. Seeing the difficulty of some of these achievements, as well as the desire to look for new forms of content for the community, we see this as a positive change for the future of TTS.

A perfect example of what we will be doing is organizing groups to enter WvW in mass purely to focus on achieving the Yakslapper Title. As we are massive community with members across all GW2 servers and timezones, we will be able to assist each other and greatly influence progression for these achievements, expand our members knowledge about WvW, as well as being a large and positive impact on the WvW community. With a massive number of members entering each map, and coordinating across servers who is located to better accommodate each other, this is not only for the benifit of being a member of TTS, but also of benefit to Guild Wars 2.

While we recognize that our player-base primarily is associated with PvE content, we encourage members to join the Edge of the Mists channel on teamspeak starting at 12:00 AM UTC Wednesday so that we may train and learn more about how World vs World works. A fantastic map to learn what WvW is all about, the training session will be of great use to members and leaders alike. If you wish to help in the training session, merely speak up in the channel while players are there and that you wish to assist. It’s also a fantastic way to get ready for the new borderlands that will be released in HoT.

We hope you all as TTS members will appreciate this change in direction, a change directly correlated with your own feedback. Further we hope that the greater WvW community will appreciate these changes as well by bringing our newly trained PvE players into the battle of the mists.